Yoda Nidra


Dr. Deirdre has created a wonderful tool for those suffering with Chronic Pain--and chronic illnesses in general. Combining the best of Progressive Relaxation and Guided Imagery, she adds in elements of Yoga to help empower people to disconnect from their illness and pain--and reconnect with their true (and very vital and healthy feeling) selves.
Having worked with chronic pain patients for over 30 years, this will be a powerful and precious tool for recovery. Thanks Dr D!

-- Jacob Teitelbaum, MD.

“As executive director of a nonprofit organization for people with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, I am a very busy person. I'm usually thinking about a hundred different things when I'm trying to fall asleep. This CD helps me clear my head. The music makes a nice backdrop for the guided imagery and Deirdre does a beautiful job with the narration. Her voice gently guides you through the different relaxation techniques, and the music adds a nice background. I like to lie back and let my mind drift off into a peaceful place. I would recommend this CD to anyone who has trouble falling sleeping or who would like more restful sleep.”
-- Yvonne Keeny, Founder & Executive Director, Fibromyalgia Coalition International

Joan ChappelI received your yoga nidra CD Stress & pain relief, slumber time etc. It is absolutely excellent. Especially the one hour track on pain relief, it goes by in a flash, and the pain whilst practicing this is definitely relieved somewhat.
-- Joan Chappell, UK



Having known Deirdre Rawlings for several years now, I was most interested in her latest offering, "Yoga Nidra". I was quite pleasantly rewarded after listening to her guided imagery therapies for pain, stress relief and sleep therapy. I am excited about offering her therapies to my patients, both in office and at their homes. I believe this will be an additional tool in the treatment of my patients with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. We need a balanced approach to treatment including Mind-Body-Spirit. We all need everything we can get to enhance patient outcomes. This "Yoga Nidra" CD will be an excellent addition to my armamentarium against disease processes.
-- Marcus Spurlock, MD.

I was on your Yoga Nidra call last night.  I normally have a very difficult time calming my nervous system down enough to get the rest and sleep that I need.  The Yoga Nidra was so incredibly relaxing that I felt more peaceful than I have in a long time.  I also slept amazingly well last night and woke refreshed this morning.  Thank you!  I have already used the recording again today and plan to get your CD as soon as it is available.  
-- Tamara S. -- Health Activist.

As a health care provider and founder of FibroCare Center I have always advised stress reduction techniques for my patients to balance their autonomic nervous systems and help them find true health. I strongly believe that psychology becomes physiology and the mind-body connection is the absolutely one of the key components to any true healing. Having studied meditation myself, I have realized the life changing, healing effects first hand. After listening and practicing with Dr. Dee's Yoga Nidra CD, my search for an easy to follow, foolproof program that I can provide to my patients is over. Dr. Dee's Yoga Nidra is absolutely terrific. I have now incorporated this CD into my FibroCare program and am confident with knowing that my patients will benefit tremendously. Thank You so much Dr. Dee.

-- Dr. Mark Guariglia D.C.

Thank you so much for introducing me to yoga Nidra. I had never heard of it. When I listened to your tele class I was amazed how relaxed I felt. I have CFS and do suffer from high levels of stress due to frustration of the illness. I will now use yoga Nidra on a daily basis. With the help of your book top 12 experts  and yoga Nidra I now have a renewed feeling of hope.
Thank you so much,
-- Debra J.

Thanks so much for all the work you've put in towards improving the lives of those who suffer the pain, the sleeplessness and despondency that seem always to be a by-product of Fibro, Arthritis and other types of chronic pain illnesses.  I, for one, am extremely grateful for you…)
-- Kathy F.

The June 22 conference call was everything I hoped it would be, and more.  With your guidance, I was focused, relaxed, and rejuvenated.  It is my goal to practice Yoga Nidra every other day, as you suggested.  I listed to the recording yesterday afternoon.  Sometime shortly after "sinking into Earth" I fell asleep.  My unconscious was listening, though, because the session accomplished its purpose.  I ordered your CD.  My body and mind thank you from my soul for sharing your talent and expertise and for making them available to us.
-- Rose Marie A.

Loved it Deirdre...you are always such a blessing to me and I share your talents with so many. I got the CD set and ordered another one for a friend who suffers deeply with chronic pain.

-- Love and Blessings,

I got registered, even though I cannot attend, looking forward to the recording, completely appreciate and respect your education and experience and your support with these issues. You've taught me so much and have made such a positive influence with my health. Thank you doesn't seem to say enough... you are an inspiration and truly appreciated!

-- Angela S.

I have just listened to (then ordered) the Yoga Nidra CD. It is amazing.
I have many relaxation/meditation CDs including Yoga Nidra but yours
has made me feel truly peaceful and relaxed. Hopefully, this will help with
my sleep, too.

Warm wishes
Jacqui B.

Being blessed by not having pain, I use Yoga Nidra for meditation and relaxation. I like to listen first thing in the morning and it gives me a sense of peace and well being the entire day.

Gloria has been diagnosed with polymyalgia rheumatica. This began to flare up about January this year. Along with a spur in her hip this was quite painful and debilitating. The medical profession failed her miserably. She began to listen to Yoga Nidra in July. After about a week the pain was almost gone. Now most days are completely pain free.

Thank you Deirdre for Yoga Nidra!

Joe and Gloria Singleton

Dr. Dee's Yoga Nidra CD is a powerful gateway to relaxation, rejuvenation, and restoration of body, mind and spirit. Since my CD arrived, I have listened to it every day; I alternate between track #1 and #2 and always listen to track #3 before I go to sleep. I have found the quality of my sleep has improved, and in general, I have accessed a deeper calm that stays with me throughout the day. Dr. Dee has a very soothing, melodic voice, and the guided meditations allow the hurry and worry of the day to slip away, inviting you into the 'inner space' of restorative meditation where the body relaxes completely, and the mind is given expansive ease.

-- Pam Gerrand

Finally a yoga CD that I can confidently recommend to my fibromyalgia patients. It is well documented that stress can exacerbate any pain syndrome. Several of my fibro patients have already noticed profound improvements in their functional abilities by using this program. This is a perfect companion to Dr. Rawlings' brilliant book "Food That Helps Win the Battle Against Fibromyalgia."

Dr. Deirdre Rawlings is a true trend setter in the fight against this debilitating syndrome. She has demonstrated that when the mind and the body are "fed" appropriately, healing becomes a reality. Certainly the core of overcoming fibromyalgia and other pain syndromes is dealing with the underlying cause, rather than the dulling of symptoms that employ mind suppressing drugs that quell our spirit. Yoga Nidra revitalizes the consciousness and will bring those afflicted a new sense of worthiness, hope and passion for living.

--Dr. Glenn B. Gero, ND, MH.

Having known Dr Dee for years , I can attest to her total devotion to empowering others. In her new CD she does just that! Warm, relaxing and at the same time enjoyable, she takes you on a deep journey of healing. Looking forward to your next CD creation. Keep them coming Dr. Dee!

-- Juliet Jordan

I have to share that I did not have an understanding of what Yoga Nidra was all about as I put this into my computer. To be honest, I thought this was going to be a yoga DVD but what I got was a very pleasant surprise. This was actually yoga for my spirit, mind and body that I could use all the time.

Deirdre's voice with her soothing and pleasant accent is so pleasing to the ears, which leads to an even deeper level of connection and relaxation. I would recommend this to anyone that simply desires to improve their life on any level. Regardless of the need for simple stress relief, assistance with overcoming physical issues or simply to be the best you can be.

Yoga Nidra will assist on any level.

-- Glen Depke, ND.